Spring! We are finally getting warm weather here in my hometown and I couldn’t be more happy about it. Sunshine just automatically brightens my mood, especially when I can walk outside in jeans and a T-shirt. Now that the weather has warmed up I have been in the mood to wear dresses, which is different for me. I’m not the type of girl who goes out and wears dresses, I’m a T-shirt and shorts kind-of gal in the summer. I’m going to try to switch it up this year because my best friend and I decided to make a pact to where we can’t be lazy during the summer. Meaning we can’t wear shorts and a T-shirt everyday. I will conquer that challenge. I’ve looked online at some dresses and found some cute ones you might like.


Ditsy Lace Fit & Flare Dress at Forever 21 for $29.80.

It’s a little dressy, but it would be cute to wear on those “date nights” or a “girls night out”. Add some cute flats or sandals, ankle bracelet, necklace, bracelets. For this dress I would wear my hair up so you could show off some dangled earrings that accent the dress!


 Insight Secret Garden Dress at Urban Outfitters for $69.

It’s a little on the high side, but I didn’t even think of looking at this store until my cousins girlfriend mentioned it yesterday at dinner. So I went and checked out the dress section and found this adorable flower dress that would be cute on a casual day of shopping.


Polka Dot & Crochet Dress at Forever 21 for $24.80.

This has to be my favorite dress that I’ve found today. Not only is it polka dots but you can wear it anywhere. Girls night, date night, shopping, casual hang out. It’s perfect! Hair down (Straight or wavy) with some cute accessories and you’re good to go!


Peach Belted 3 Tier at Rue 21 for $24.99.

Adorable summer dress that’s sort of on the “country side”. Still perfect for almost anything, especially if you go have a picnic in the park. That’s where I imagine this dress being worn, in my opinion.


Zig Zag Maxi Dress at Rue 21 for $19.99.

Maxi Dresses have become popular and I see girls wear them everywhere. I also heard they are super comfortable so I might just have to invest in one.

What’s your favorite summer/spring dress? 

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