Self Confidence

One thing I majorly lack is self-confidence. No matter where I’m at or what I’m doing I feel like people are judging me from a far. I suppose this also has to do with why I’m quiet and don’t talk much to new people. I’ve slightly broken out of that shell and made a few new friends and have become closer with a few of my co-workers. It’s an awesome feeling knowing someone is there for you no matter what or talking with someone who has a common interest as you. Most people would consider me a follower instead of a leader because I like to blend in. I go to a huge campus, Indiana University, where there’s over 150 people in some of my classes. Those classes are my favorite because I can blend in and not be noticed, nor do I have to talk in front of the class like I do in my smaller classes.

In my classes I’m usually in the back with my mouth shut, refusing to say a word. Anything that comes out of my mouth I think people will judge me or I’ll say something stupid where I’ll be the talk of the day around campus, or social media. It’s how my mind works and I’m not happy with it so I’m trying to change it. I have to change it. So commence operation of self-confidence step number one is to dress the way I want to dress. That means all those outfit pins on Pinterest I’ve been pinning need to come to life. I’ve always been afraid to “over dress” because of what people will think. For some reason I care about what people think when I really shouldn’t. I need to just be me.


(My two favorite quotes about being yourself to get me through the day)


Last week, I dressed the way I wanted to. I’ve always wanted to try the layered look with a sweater and a pin striped shirt underneath. I’ve never had the guts to because almost everyone on campus is in sweats or something casual. Here was my outfit.

(Please ignore the mess in the background we are re-doing the bathroom. Also my mirror was dirty so ignore that too! :))


IMG_4854Of course I added pearls and a silver Paris bracelet, and hoop earrings to top it off.

With my self-confidence at a low I walked into class with confidence and with the mind-set of not caring what people were thinking. I felt as though I got a lot of looks and stares but my mind likes to take over and put these thoughts in my head. It was a good first step for me to branch out and try new things, and to not care what other people were thinking or saying. I guess baby steps lead to somewhere.

Do you have this problem too? What did you think of the layering?

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One Response to Self Confidence

  1. backpackbee says:

    Great post! Love the quote too. I am learning to like and live with my own decisions and not be so Laissez-faire.

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