Friends For Life

One thing I’ve always struggled with is making new friends. I have my group of friends from high school where we’ve been friends for 8+ years but once college hit some of us faded away. During summer time we make sure to all get together and catch up, and share stories about our college experience. It’s great to have those friends where you know no matter how much you talk they will always be there for you. I’m so grateful for them and don’t know what I would do without them.

My struggle is while my friends are away at different colleges I failed to make friends for the longest time. I’m not sure if it’s because I refused, because I thoughtย  making new friends would mean I would lose my old ones. Now I know that’s not the case. When I transferred to IU I finally met a great group of people who I really connected with. I’m not going to lie, it all started with Twitter. I found out this one girl, Emily, was at the same concert I was at and attended IU. Basically, I messaged her and we hit it off. We now travel to concerts together and share our love of Scotty McCreery, that not many people understand. Now, I don’t know what I would do without her. Later on down the road we met up with two other people who became close friends.

We all hung out last night for the last time. One of them is moving back to California for good which practically broke our hearts. We stayed out until 2am shooting off fireworks, sentimental talks around the bonfire and laughing until we could no longer breathe. We each took a turn and mentioned to each person, “What would you say if this was the last time you were going to see each of us.” It got really deep for some of us and almost brought tears to our eyes, ending up with a tight group hug.

IMG_5406 IMG_5405 IMG_5404 IMG_5401

IMG_5407IMG_5400My eyes are closed in half of the pictures because the flash killed my eyes but I don’t care. I love these guys more than words can explain and I have a strong feeling that we will all be friends for life. โค

Do you stay in touch with your high school friends? Do you think you’ll be friends with your college friends forever?

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